Luca Zappia Architect

Via A. Pacinotti 4/8 - 16151 Genoa

Services Provided

Freelance professional since 2006 I'm involved in design, bio-ecological architecture, bio-eco sustainability buildings, interior design, construction sites supervision, construction sites safety management process, eco-compatibility and building's energy efficiency improvement, 3D model and renderings, making of quality and quickness the main elements my practice is based on. Since december 2008 I am included in Building's Energy Performance Qualified and Accredited Experts list of Liguria Region.


feasability study of the project
architectural survey of pre-existing state
architectural and urban design
executive project, careful study and detailing
projects for refurbishments and restoration
structural design
building permit application
3D model and renderings

interior design

interior design and consulting
concept design for store set-up
design for custom-made furniture
furnishings and finishes
plan for ergonomic workspaces
lighting design


contruction site activity

technical specifications and special conditions
management of operational steps
safety management on design phase
safety management on execution phase
construction site supervision
project execution monitoring and control
site logistical operations
products acceptance and quality control
construction progress report
final inspection assistance
"as built" drawings

energy efficiency

design for energy-efficiency improvement
energy performance certificates
building energy data book



economic forecast report
pricing schedule and bill of quantities
evaluation of costs estimate
market research about vendors and builders
construction sosts' reports

tax allowance

tax allowance for refurbishment application
allowance for energy efficency application
ENEA procedure application

technical consultancy

land registry services
urban assessments
landscape authorization permit
set up for exhibitions and pavilion design


More services

Due to a consultants and specialized professionals network, my practice offers to all the clients technical competences in acoustic design, fire prevention, plant design, geology and geotechnics, and much more.

The studio offers the best result for each client in every personalized project, completing traditional design solutions with innovative, sustainable unique and customizable technologies. I make it possible thanks to a continuing architectural education, a permanent products and materials research and thanks to a strong cooperation with professionals, vendors and builders which are severely selected in the course of a multi-year activity and able to combine the rapid completion of work with careful detailing where nothing is left to chance.

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A single contact point throughout the project until handover. The turnkey service begins with a phase of full designing, detailing and applying for the construction permit to pass the baton to instalment on site, including a careful selection of furnishings and finishes. All what you have to do is choose the best design according to your needs and watch every step of what is being built. No concern at all, just the assurance and the comfort of the right choice of a reliable team able to meet the deadlines without exceeding the budget stated in the contract.


Since 2012, january 24th the law about minimum professional fee had been repealed. It has also been made compulsory to give the client a detailed costs estimate which includes the professional fee and all the unsurprising expense of every single entrusted professional activity. The costs estimate can refer to different methodology for calculation, including the repealed ones, and it's absolutely necessary to avoid to exceed the budget you can afford.