Luca Zappia Architect

Via A. Pacinotti 4/8 - 16151 Genoa

about me

Born in Genoa on 1972, I got my degree from the Faculty of Architecture defending a thesis work about construction of a metro in the city of Parm.

I begun my professional training in 1996 cooperating with Bandini, Marsullo and Postani architects (later T.E.M.A. Associated Architects), becoming an important member for the research and project works carried out by the practice and participating to many national and international design competitions.

In 2002 I became an active member of Frigerio Design Group team, gaining an important experience in planning and management of national level projects. At te same time I developed a particular interest into bio-ecological architecture, bio-eco sustainability buildings, eco-compatibility and energy efficiency principles.

In 2005 I collaborated with Archipunto Contract S.r.l. developing full turnkey contracts management skill and gaining experience in interior design, completing my professional training.

In 2006 I started my own career making of quality and quickness the main elements my practice is based on.

From 2006 to 2011 I worked in partnership with Roberta Chirivi' architect and with Studio Tecnico Garassino-Ronchi, leading my competences to the highest level of maturity thanks to project works carried out in specialized sectors such as master planning and urban design, construction sites safety management process and structural design projects.

Since december 2008 I am included in Building’s Energy Performance Qualified and Accredited Experts list of Liguria Region, leading my interest in energy efficiency and low-energy houses to the highest development.

At the beginning of 2011 I dissolved all the external business partnerships in order to strengthen my practice in Genoa, focusing my attention in buildings and interior design all over the Liguria territory, but also targeting to construction sites safety management, improving my personal experience as safety manager especially in large-scale and high-profile buildings construction. Anyway buildings environmental performance and sustainable refurbishment still remain the main objectives in all my design works.